EB-5 News is the source for news on the EB-5 Immigrant Visa Program. EB5News.com is the online news hub of USAdvisors.org



To inform and advise EB-5 investors, EB-5 law practitioners, EB-5 service providers, and other members of the EB-5 community about the latest news, events, and project updates.



US Advisors are analysts, economists, accountants, statisticians and mathematicians that produce EB-5 Regional Center project comparative analysis reports for foreign national investors based on topics covering job creation methodology, the strategic plan, management, risk factors, risk mitigation, safety, return, exit strategy, escrow and industry overview among many others.


We also produce U.S. and offshore seminars on the USCIS EB-5 program and invite EB-5 regional center principals, EB-5 service providers and other professionals to discuss their projects and services to foreign nationals and those who work with high net-worth accredited investor clients. The purpose of these seminars is to educate investors about the services provided by the EB-5 community and the economic benefits of the EB-5 program to the United States in terms of job creation and investment of capital.